States, Stages, and Skillful Means

September 16, 2009

States, Stages, and Skillful Means
with Ken Wilber

Not only does the concept of “states and stages” go a long way to help us understand the history of consciousness, culture, and religion, but it helps us become more skillful communicators and more potent lovers in our own lives. Adapting the ancient Buddhist concept of upaya-kayshalya (roughly “skillful means”) for the 21st century, we recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all interpretation of reality that works for all people at all times, but that there is a “sliding scale” of truth, as well as many different ways of expressing and comprehending that truth. With a sophisticated understanding of how states and stages of consciousness interface in our own experience, we can open our hearts to more of the world, more of each other, and more of ourselves than ever before possibleā€”loving everything and everyone in existence, exactly as they are, without exception or hesitation.


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