Spiritual Marketing and the Journey that Became Holosync

November 11, 2009

Spiritual Marketing and the Journey that Became Holosync
Bill Harris and Ken Wilber

When you look at someone like Bill Harris, who has been wildly successful at creating and marketing the Holosync product, you assume that he must have gathered a crack team of experts, promotion gurus, and product technologists and carefully mapped out a plan for success. But when we look into the story of what really happened, we find something entirely different. Not to give it all away, but Bill’s “success story” begins more modestly than you might expect, with little more than an early TM practice and a cassette tape that he initially thought was a complete scam.

In Part 2 of our Bill Harris profile, he further describes his unlikely journey,  that eventually led to Holosync. Bill reveals himself in a very personal way in his own relationship with failure, and how he was eventually able to shift his perspective and begin stepping more fully into his own life.

Finally, be sure to pay particular attention to the last segment, when he directly addresses the question “is it wrong to market spirituality?” Regardless of how you would answer this question yourself, you won’t want to miss Bill’s provocative thoughts!


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