Integral Profiles: Rollie Stanich. Part 2: From Communion to Integral Christianity

December 3, 2009

Integral Profiles: Rollie Stanich. Part 2: From Communion to Integral Christianity

with Rollie Stanich and David Riordan

Many are fortunate enough to be born into a religious tradition that provides a tremendous amount of meaning for us at an early age.  But at some point in our lives, we often begin to outgrow the religious teachings of our youth.  Where do we go when these once-sacred stories suddenly appear to be little more than a collection of superstitions and hollow myths?  How do we reconcile these myths with the developmental capacity for reason and critical thinking?  Is there a way to actually deepen our relationship with our inherited religion, rather than being forced to step outside our tradition to explore more exotic paths—or worse, to abandon spirituality altogether?

These questions have been at the core of Rollie’s spiritual journey for decades now, guiding him toward more loving and more inclusive expressions of Christian scripture with each and every step.  It is clear that Rollie is going well beyond semantic interpretations of ancient words on a page.  He’s doing much more than just reinterpreting the Gospel for a new generation (an admirable and much-needed undertaking in itself)—he is actually enacting and embodying the Gospel in his day-to-day life, revealing the “uncreated light” of God’s love for all to see.


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