Medical Miracles and the Non-Local Mind

January 6, 2010

The Power of Premonitions. Part 2: Medical Miracles and the Non-Local Mind

with Larry Dossey and Ken Wilber

Have you ever had a powerful experience of intuition at one time or another in your life?  Perhaps you knew what someone was going to say right before they said it, or you had a dream that eventually came to reality.  Or maybe you have felt the electric thrill of being “in just the right place, at just the right time.”  Many (if not most) of us have had experiences like these, but find it difficult figuring out how to relate to them—or if they are actually real in the first place.  By their very nature, phenomena like premonitions, intuitions, and other paranormal experiences are so subjective, so slippery, and so hard to think critically about.  This has created a great deal of naivety on both sides of the psi divide between believers and skeptics alike, and has made it almost impossible to have an open, intelligent, and meaningful discussion of the topic.

Until now.

You are constantly being informed by your intuition.  At every moment, you are immersed in a field of subtle knowing—whether you know it or not.  And what’s really cool is that you can actually get better at it!  If you have ever been curious about the significance of these sorts of experiences, or wondered how you might be able to make yourself even more receptive to your own intuitive capacities, you do not want to miss this enthralling discussion!


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